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A season of life by
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Autumn is only Season on Internet

AUTUMN FLAVOURS is the only one of the four poetry books comprising SEASON OF FOURS, that has been published on the internet.

I've scanned the original four books and the completed combination book I created in the 1990s. It was this compilation book that provided a lot of information about the poetry that ten years later--I'd forgotten.

I'm glad I made some of these notes about the origins of these poems--while I still remembered what they were.

I've also discovered that some people eppreciate my poetry if they don't know what they mean to me.

Nowadays, the world is used to being into people's lives and invading their privacy--more than ever.

Sometimes I think I should try harder to promote privacy and respect for people's private lives.

My life, mistakes and accomplishments, has always been what I referred to as, " open book."

As you'll see in these poems, I am opening up more than my life and mind, I am opening up my spirit or soul also. There is an underlying dialogue in these poetry books. It kind of snuck out of me and made perfect sense. I think I've just relived that "sense" but look forward to discovering it again, with you.

Sometimes, I don't know where my poetry comes from. This spiritual dialogue was one of my first completed illuminations.

Season Of Fours

This is 4 poetry books combined together:

What is life?







Buy direct from Shaolin CommunicationsAutumn Flavours:
death, decay, suffering, sadness, swimming to stay afloat, survival, teens

This is the start of a new life, a new career, a new family...


Winter Flowers:
love, romance, dating, breakups, more dating, more breakups

This is your heart wanting more than you can afford...or are ready for.


Spring Fevers:
lust, sex, dating, new date, more dates, breakups?

This is your vacation, luxury, contentment, pleasure, and personal freedom.


Summer Forevers:
something beyond sex, spirituality, afterlife, purpose, destiny, warrior

This is your zenith, peak, or height of success--before you start your next endeavor or phase in life.


Summer Forevers:
COMBINATION of the above poetry books, written on Coyote's IBM Selectric II typewriter in the 1980s.

1. PDF DOWNLOAD from Shaolin Communications. First version of the above typerwritten written poetry books.





Who is The Hippy Coyote?

The Folk Rock Troubadour
Coyote in 1973Flutist, poet, photographer, cinematographer, guitarist, and as of 2007, Coyote can call himself a "drummer" after recording the drums for Master Zhen's TAI CHI MAGIC 1 cd.

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